About scootee2

My husband and I have owned MISSION AUTO REPAIR in San Marcos for 41 years...so that's what I do with my "day" time!! Any spare time I have I devote to model horses. I LOVE model horse performance...since I can no longer do the "real" horse performance. I really enjoy working with people and helping them create winning set-ups with their models.



I was fortunate to be able to acquire this amazing “medallion” sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig…and then have it painted by Myla Pearce.  It’s quite a large piece…4″ high and 5″ wide. I have taken a “gazillion” pictures of him trying to get one that shows just how GORGEOUS he is…but haven’t been able to get the lighting just right to show the beautiful paint job. But I’ll keep trying :))

I want to “thank” Sarah and Myla…I’m thrilled to have this piece in my collection.



It is truly amazing what the “model horse” artists can do with plastic and resin when it comes to giving our model horses “personality”!! The ”eyes” are what truly “get” to me…they can look SO real and you can just “see” what the horse is thinking :))

This lovely face belongs to McCloud…my Knightly Cadence Morgan resin sculpted by Carol Williams and painted by Kathy McKenzie. You can just tell from “the look on his face” that he has been “cooped up” in the barn for a few days because of bad weather and has just been turned out to work-off some of the excess energy…and he’s having FUN!!!!!




The term “western riding “ is used to describe both a “style” of riding horses (with western tack) and a specific “horse show” class. The “western riding” class is very popular in the “model” horse show world as an entry in the “Other Western Performance” class. “Western Riding”  in the “real” horse show world is truly an amazing class to watch. I think this class is the closest thing the Western “horse show” world has to dressage in the “English show” world. When watching the top entries you will not see the rider change position or give the horse any cues during the performance. These top horses will perform with the same stride and cadence for the entire pattern.


The ground pole in a “western riding” class should be ALL white…with a cone at each end. The cones at the ends of the ground pole are actually part of the lines of cones that make up the patterns. So it is very important that the ground pole has a cone at each end. The cones CAN be colors other than the classic “traffic cone orange”. I have seen white cones and green cones used in “western riding” classes.


(Both of the models in the pictures are custom “Matriarch” models sculpted by Carol Williams and customized by Lyn Norbury. The loping mare was painted by Lyn Norbury and the jogging gelding was painted by Sherry Clayton. Dolls by Joan Yount & Darla Curtis…tack by Pam Perkins & Brooke Perry))

WELCOME 2015!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(“Cadillac Jack” Resin Sculpted By Jennifer Reid-Painted By Sherry Clayton. Dolls Dressed By Susan Hargrove)

Welcome to OHJOY @ SCOOTEE 2015!!   For those of you new to my websites and BLOGS…the OHJOY refers to OhJoy Farms…my model horse stable. The SCOOTEE is my “nick-name”!! So this BLOG is going to have both “information and hints” about showing model horses in performance…and “personal” items I think would be of interest.

 The “model horse” world is such an adventure. I had no idea what I had stumbled on when I looked on-line for “model horses” back in February 1998. I was totally “blown away” by what I saw…the realism just truly amazed me. I have grown to love our “miniature equines” along with the cows, dogs, goats, sheep, dolls, tack, props, etc. that make up this creative miniature world.

 I hope you’ll join us as we study all that goes into creating the winning set-ups for showing model horses.