WELCOME 2015!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(“Cadillac Jack” Resin Sculpted By Jennifer Reid-Painted By Sherry Clayton. Dolls Dressed By Susan Hargrove)

Welcome to OHJOY @ SCOOTEE 2015!!   For those of you new to my websites and BLOGS…the OHJOY refers to OhJoy Farms…my model horse stable. The SCOOTEE is my “nick-name”!! So this BLOG is going to have both “information and hints” about showing model horses in performance…and “personal” items I think would be of interest.

 The “model horse” world is such an adventure. I had no idea what I had stumbled on when I looked on-line for “model horses” back in February 1998. I was totally “blown away” by what I saw…the realism just truly amazed me. I have grown to love our “miniature equines” along with the cows, dogs, goats, sheep, dolls, tack, props, etc. that make up this creative miniature world.

 I hope you’ll join us as we study all that goes into creating the winning set-ups for showing model horses.

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